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Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore

Provided by TradeLair ');}//-->
Category:    Action
Release Date:    2000-10-01
Publisher:    Tecmo
Best NEW:     $49.95 -  28.99
Best USED:    15.00
High Bid:    N/A
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Bounce Trick : [Submitted by:SnailB8ter]
First go to the main options menu, then on the sub-menu, "other", the age you enter determines how bouncy the gals are the higher ( i.e., the more "mature" ) your age, the bouncier they get.

CG Gallery : [Submitted by:SnailB8ter]
Beat 'team mode' using 5 different characters to unlock the CG gallery.

Change Winner Pose View : [Submitted by:SnailB8ter]
Press Triangle during your fighter's victory pose. Use the D-Pad to change the camera angle, press Square to zoom in, or Circle to zoom out.

Posing Characters [Submitted by:SnailB8ter]
After you win a battle, you can zoom in, out, and rotate your character. Just hit the L1 button when the replay is over and your character starts to pose. Now you can use the left stick rotate, and the right stick (using the up and down of it) to zoom in and out. NOTE: This does not work for every mode of play like tag battle, or team battle. It does work for story and vs. Just play with it.

Game Hint: [Submitted by:J VII]
In survival mode open the cd lid after the game has loaded.....Now when you KO your oponent he wil not be replaced but he wil stay on the ground.
Now do a down move to get up to 3 items out of one oponent....close the lid and let the game load again...Open the lid ko victim down move 3 times close lid ...this way you can ern 3 times as many items than you normally would.



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