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World Destruction League War Jetz

Provided by TradeLair ');}//-->
Category:    Simulation
Release Date:    2001-07-01
Best NEW:     $48.95
Best USED:    20.00
High Bid:    N/A
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TradeLair has: Cheats/hints
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All codes and levels unlocked:
Enter SPRLZY as a code.

All codes unlocked:
Enter TWLVCHTS as a code.

Level select:
Enter JMPTT as a code.

Enter DNGDM as a code.

Super armor:
Enter MRRMR as a code.

Faster jets:
Enter ZPPY as a code.

Big guns:
Enter HMMR as a code.

Huge guns:
Enter QD as a code.

Rapid fire:
Enter FRHS as a code.

Speed shots:
Enter NSTNT as a code.

Dual fire:
Enter NDBMBS as a code.

Spin shots:
Enter DZZY as a code.

Shields when rolling:
Enter SCRW as a code.

Top gun mode:
Enter DH as a code.

Overlords mode:
Enter VRLRDS as a code.

Valhalla mode:
Enter WNRLFST as a code.

Ghost mode:
Enter SNKY as a code.

Double Bux:
Enter TWFSTD as a code.

Add 10 Bux:
Enter WNNNGS as a code.

Weapon level-up at 3:
Enter PYRS as a code.

Switch planes:
Enter NDCSN as a code.

Instant win:
Enter SMSHNG as a code.

Show boxes:
Enter BXDRW as a code.

Show waypoints:
Enter WYPNT as a code.



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