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Reader's top psx picks 17-11
Games you should've already played by now
by: Aaron "Bearsfan" Thomas

17. Driver (22)
All you wannabe mobsters voted to get driver into the top twenty-five, and why not? This game has got it all: car wrecks, drive by shootings, high-speed chases, and so much more. Even though this game was delayed numerous times, people's anticipation only grew for the chance to drive like maniacs and break every traffic law known to man. Its sequel, Driver2 has already sold over 1 million copies in pre-order, so all signs point to this series remaining successful.

KrazyApu says:"To this day I can't help but mess around with the replay director. It's sort of like directing a movie. When I'm playing the game and my car goes flying up in the air I can't help but think "Damn, that's gonna be a great replay."

16. Street Fighter Series (23)
Capcom's Street Fighter is one of those rare titles that would have made it into the top 25 on multiple platforms. Ryu, Guile, Chun-Li, Ken, and M. Bison are still fighting after all these years, and show no sign of slowing down. The Alpha, EX, and Vs. series are all included in the votes that this series received, making it one of the most well-rounded series in your opinions.

Previews editor Shawn Fogarty says:"I like beating up on cyber-chicks. For stress relief. SF was good but can't compare to boob bounch AI of DOA. Honestly I have not really played a Street Fighter game since the SNES. I'm not being much help am I?"

15. Silent Hill (25)
Silent Hill. The mere mention of this title can send shivers down the spine of gamers everywhere. Who can forget walking around in the school with those little kids wandering around the hallways, I get goosebumps just thinking about it. Silent Hill is one of the few survival horror games to approach the level of success of the Resident Evil series. Your nightmare is not over however, Silent Hill is due to make an appearance on several of the next-gen consoles.

Jaron says:"This game creeped me out dog. Birds n dogs an all sorts of crap trying to eat me. I was like "damn yo, that bird's all up on me". I also liked the creepy school. I wish my school was all wacked out like that so I would have to go any more."

14. Xenogears (26)
Square's second ( and not last) foray into the top 25 comes via Xenogears. This RPG is loved for its unique storyline involving warring countries, and giant robots called "Gears". Its battle system also makes it stand out from other RPG's and let's not forget the music. Composed by Yasunori Mitsuda, the music in Xenogears is much more than background audio, it helps tell part of the story.

My thoughts: "Xenogears is one of the many RPG's that I have yet to find time to play. I do have many songs off of the soundtrack, and they are some of my favorite videogame tunes of all time."

13. Resident Evil: Nemesis (27)
Resident Evil3 was the last of the series to appear on the Playstation. It was not a true sequel, more of a side-story to RE2, but it was an enjoyable game nonetheless. Many gamers enjoyed the fact that the title was not a true sequel, because they enjoyed re-examining the familiar surroundings. Since Capcom has a reputation of keeping their franchises alive, you can be assured of playing RE titles for many years to come

crzy8 says:"RE3 is not my favorite title, but I did like playing it a lot. The Nemesis was cool. He reminded me of the Terminator because he always was coming back for more. It was not as scary as other RE games but I thought there was more action, so it was okay to me."

12. Final Fantasy Tactics (27)
The oft-forgotten Final Fantasy title was not forgotten by our readers. I was shocked to see the votes piling up for this title. More "adult-oriented" than FF7, its predecessor, Final Fantasy delivers the quality RPG experience that one expects from Square. The focus here is more on fighting and building characters than the other Final Fantasy games, but that seems to be why people enjoy it the most.

What I think: Nobody wrote me about this game so I'll share with you here. My experience with FF:Tactics was basically limited to a 5 day rental from Blockbuster. It's a good game, but not really up my alley. I don't have the attention span required to be successful at this title.

11. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (30)
Like Street Fighter, Castlevania is one of those titles that has appeared on several generations of consoles. This series has been around longer than many of our readers have. Symphony of the Night is widely regarded as the last great 2d side scroller, and it seems that you guys agree. CSOTN also offers the interesting twist of playing as Dracula's son, and not one of the famous Belmonts. This doesn't stop Castlevania from delivering an awesome gaming experience while all the while "keeping it old school."

+Shard+ writes: "Castlevania is the only PSX game that has hours upon hours of gameplay that kept me glued to my PSX over online gaming & such."

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