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F1 Championship Season 2000
PS2 Preview by Aaron Thomas

With the recent launch of EA Sports Playstation2 site, information on their upcoming releases has been much easier to come by. While racing games are looking to be a dime a dozen on the new system, Electronic Arts think theyve got a winner in: F1 Championship Season 2000. As youve come to expect EA promises a host of new features and improvements to make sure F1CS2000 stands out from the crowded genre.

Heres what EA has got for this years release:

  • Never before seen detail: Including uniquely modeled cars from the 2000 season, with game details down to the seats in the grandstands, distinct driver helmets, visor tear offs and real-time pit boards.
  • Advanced Dynamics intensify the excitement with cars flipping, spinning, and crashing with crash damage detailed down to the paintwork on the car.
  • Complete 22 man motion captured pit crews, exclusively recreated using the world record holding Benetton Formula One pit stop team.
  • Full wet weather racing and advanced environmental effects.
  • Officially licensed by the Formula One Administration featuring all the real cars, drivers, and tracks from the 2000 FIA Formula One Championship Season.
  • Race in the new U.S. Grand Prix at Indianapolis
One can certainly not accuse Electronic Arts of not paying attention to details; I cannot recall an F1 simulation going to such great lengths to insure realism. How does the game look in motion? On the whole, its pretty impressive. Cameras are placed virtually everywhere in this game; allowing you to view the action from almost any angle imaginable, including an on-board camera. This is due to EA employing the talents of Formula One race Director Keith McKenzie, who actually won an award for his broadcasting prowess. Yet another are where EA has spared no expense is in the broadcast booth. Real life announcers Jim Rosenthal, Ivan Cappelli, Kai Ebel, and Jean-Louis Moncet are all on-hand to call the racing action.

On a whole this game appears to be shaping up quite nicely. A few details I noticed when viewing the footage of the game in action; heads bobbing around uncontrollably, and a "boxy" look are minor gripes in the overall scheme. If you havent had your fill of racers, or are a big Formula 1 fan, count the days until this one is released. Look for this title to be released sometime in 2001.

Expected Release Date:

Developer / Publisher:
EA Sports


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