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MDK2: Armageddon
PS2 Preview by Shawn Fogarty

Other platforms have enjoyed the MDK series, now it's time for PS2 to get the goods. Interplay is bringing MDK2: Armageddon to the rare PS2. Developer, Bioware will introduce a host of new features and improvements for this semi-sequel. The new features include: adjustable difficulty settings, a variety of control settings, in-game hints if you get stuck and dual-analog control support.

MDK2: Armageddon will no doubt show many similarities with the Dreamcast version but graphics should be further improved, not to mention the blistering rate at which the gameplay runs. In addition to the added features, the overall game is being streamlined for precision control and gameplay. The levels have been altered with new puzzles and different layout but the textures are largely the same. Part of the streamlining of the gameplay lies in the ease of playability, it's a really easy game to pick up and play which is what console games should be like anyway.

The game has plenty of stunning visuals with richly textured, complex environments and incredible special effects. The three playable characters will again be Kurt Hectic, Max the cyborg dog and Doctor Hawkins. Each character has a plethora of weapons and abilities. Some of the weapons include: Black Hole Bomb and Sniper Silencer with 1st person sniper scope. There will be 10 levels ranging from the surface of an asteroid to Dr. Hawkin's Subspace Art Gallery.

Everything is being juiced up for MDK2: Armageddon and it's definitely shaping up to be the best of the series. So if you are lucky enough to own a PS2, why not blow a few more dollars after Christmas and pick up this game.

Expected Release Date:
Dec. 29, 2000

Developer / Publisher:


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