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Moto GP
PS2 Preview by Shawn Fogarty

If more racing is what you want then Namco will be dishing it out with not only Ridge Racer V but also Moto GP, a motorcycle racer. This game, like many racers, follows an arcade style of play so getting into the game will be a cinch but I wish more games in the racing genre would go for more realistic simulation aspects. But anyway that's another story.

Moto GP features many real-life names such as Honda and Suzuki motorcycles that really burn up the track. There is a great sense of speed which goes a long way in portraying the danger and excitement of taking tight corners while leaning almost onto the pavement whizzing buy at breakneck speed. There are two very cool camera angles that get players right down into the action, the first person view or over the shoulder view. As the driver's lean into the turns their bodies lean as well and they lower their knee just like in real life, adding to the realism. One thing that looks kind of strange is that the developers have skimped on the driver polygon counts, big time. Looking like they are made with no more than 30 polys, there is this big crease that stretches all the way down their back because it is where the two sides of the back meet! If you don't understand what I mean just look at the screen shots.

Although the game may seem rather arcade-like in handling, there is a realistic approach taken in the actual strategy of racing and how to learn these skills to win the races. The courses are your primary opponent in this game rather than the other bikers. They have many sharp turns and if you don't learn to brake and approach the proper speed when nearing a corner or when to speed up then the tracks will eat you alive.

Other than the low poly count on the drivers, the rest of the game looks quite nice with bright, vivid colors on the bikes, which are modeled very well, and the rest of the scenery is what you'd expect of a PS2 game. Nice hi-res graphics abound.

In all, Moto GP will give racing fans a new experience from the common four wheeled racers out there in the way that motorcycles handle much differently and will require new strategies to master a game like this. I haven't found much information in the area of game modes and objectives but in time they will be revealed.

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