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Silent Scope
PS2 Preview by Shawn Fogarty

There is something about sniping people that is uncannily enjoyable. Maybe its the tension and precision of aiming or the fact that the victim could be staring right at you and not have a chance. Whatever the case, sniper games are just a lot of fun. Its probably the most rewarding feeling of getting a kill of any other weapon. What better game for Konami to port over to PS2 than the great arcade game Silent Scope? Well lets just get one thing straight, they wont be porting over the sniper rifle from the arcade. No, that would be insane. But theyve come up with another way to get the same sensation of using an actual weapon as youll see later on.

Since it is a port, the PS2 Silent Scope will have the same "rail" system of movement through the areas. Players wont be controlling their characters movement, just aiming and shooting. Although it is possible to take alternate routes by accomplishing certain tasks. The way the scope works in the game is like this. By the push of a button a zoom window pops up on screen. This window can be enlarged or decreased in size so that players can still see the surrounding area. The crosshairs will be in the zoom sight so this is what the scope will be like. Then you can take aim and fire. Its pretty much the same effect as the arcade except you're not actually moving your head to the scope and squinting. One downfall of the arcades sniper rifle was that the scope used an LCD screen which was often very dark and sometimes made it hard to see enemies but on a TV screen that shouldnt be a problem anymore.

The gameplay basically consists of the player moving from here and there, stopping and taking aim at series of situations where they are out numbered and must kill all the enemies on screen before they shoot you. You can tell when an adversary is going to fire by different color circles highlighting them. Blue shows you where they are and that they are not ready to fire yet. Yellow means they are almost ready to fire and red means they got you lined up and are ready to pop a cap in your ass unless you act real quick! At certain points in the game players will face a boss that posses specific threats. For example you may have to hit a guy in a helicoptor while hes moving or hit a boss hiding behind a prisoner. And then there is that flame thrower chick. Well youll see. Aside from the standard quest mode of play there will be a thorough training mode that will break-in players to the control system.

The graphics seem to look exactly the same as the arcade game and thats pretty good. But we probably shouldnt expect anything spectacular. The arcade version however had some ugly motion blur effect when the camera swooped around objects that were close-up. Hopefully that will be fixed up for the PS2.

If Konami pulls off a solid port (and Im sure they will), then PS2 owners will have a great arcade shooter to play with. By the way, no word on multiplayer yet but damn that would be nice to have! Wouldnt it Konami?

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going after the boss
spleen shot!
mission briefing

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