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Smuggler's Run
PS2 Preview by: Aaron "bearsfan" Thomas

Ever wanted to join the criminal underworld, and smuggle illegal items across international borders? Sure you have, and thanks to Rockstar games, you're gonna get your chance. Smuggler's Run (formerly known as The Getaway) is a unique game to say the least, offering gamers the opportunity to hop in a variety of vehicles and smuggle their contents across huge 3D worlds.

The gameplay of Smuggler's Run has been compared favorably to that of Driver's. When you accept your mission you'll be running from not only the cops, but rival gang members as well. Where this game differs from Driver is the levels in which you'll be making your getaways. Each level is a massive 3D world in which you are free to drive through, over, under, and around anything to make your escape. Driving across this sort of terrain is a bit different than cruising down the highway, so Angel Studios has come up with a physics engine to match the grueling gameplay. Driving sixty miles per hour through a forest is not easy on any vehicle, and your car will let you know. When you make a big jump your wheels will slam onto the ground and wobble before regaining their traction, and you can watch your shocks struggle under their heavy workload.

Adding to the challenge of the game is the multitude of vehicles you'll have to get accustomed to driving. Buggies, Street cars, trucks, and SUV's will test your driving skills in ways you never before imagined. Using these vehicles effectively will be important when tackling the wide variety of challenges present in your newfound smuggling career. A typical mission in this game consists of finding your pickup, avoiding police, fighting off rival gangs, busting through roadblocks, and delivering your contents to safety, all while navigating through dried riverbeds, forests, sand dunes, snow drifts, and small towns.

Rockstar, who released Grand Theft Auto seems to know what they are doing when it comes to games that focus on "shady" activities. Those of you looking for something that offers a little more driving freedom than Ridge Racer V, would do well to pick this title up. Smuggler's Run will be available on October 26th, and will retail for $49.99

Expected Release Date:
October 26th, 2000

Developer / Publisher:
Rockstar/Angel Studios


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