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Twisted Metal: Black
PS2 Preview by Shawn Fogarty

Incognito hopes to bring new life to the Twisted Metal series with the latest incarnation for PS2. The design team is made up of the same people who designed the first two Twisted Metal games which were considered by many to be the best ones so to have them making TM: Black is definitely a huge plus.

The game, like it's predecessors, is all about vehicular madness and destruction. Players will be able to drive a total of 14 crazy contraptions loaded to the hilt with weapons of mass destruction. They look very cool with all their transformable and moving parts. Some of the special effects and explosions are utterly amazing, like the electric field surrounding the car.
TM: Black will feature advanced vehicle physics (most likely using a four-point suspension model) that will add to the realism of jumps and landings. The turning rate of the vehicles will also be increased as well as better powerslides. Overall the control will be more responsive than in previous games. Upon completion, the game should be running at a fluid 60 frames per second.

There will be three game modes: Pure Death Mode, Endurance Mode and Co-op Mode. Players will do battle in 8 environments with spectacular scenery, lighting effects and interactive elements. Many things can be destroyed as you might have guessed.even a Ferris Wheel at the carnival can be sent tumbling down the way with a well-aimed missile shot. And for endless hours of multiplayer carnage, you'll have access to 10 additional levels specifically designed for multiplayer games.

Twisted Metal: Black is looking very good and could be a highly successful addition to the series. It is set for a summer 2001 release.

Expected Release Date:
Q2 2001

Developer / Publisher:


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