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GamePak Review

One of the more intriguing accessories available these days has to be the number of carrying cases that are available for the next generation consoles. Accessory companies finally figured out that people wanted to take their systems with them, whether it is on a holiday, over to a friends house or to a remote location like a cottage or summer home. The initial problem was that initial carrying bags had little protective support. Then came massive bags that were padded to the hilts but left you no place to store peripherals or even games. Next, carrying cases that allowed you to play right out of the bag. Sounded good, but when it came to reality, playing out of the certain products proved more tedious than helpful. Thankfully, the fine folks over at Lasr Accessories did some careful research into developing a carrying case that would support all needs and mostly be functional with its features. The result is the GamePak backpack.

I was somewhat sceptical when my sample of this product arrived at my door. In the past, nothing that went into a backpack offered proper protection for a console. This is not an issue with the GamePak. Lasr Accessories have used a PE board in the padding of the bag, running from the bottom to the top of the bag. This ensures rigidity and better protection for the Playstation 2. The main internal compartment stores the PS2, two game pads, and all of the essential cables. An added protective internal compartment protects the PS2 from bumps and scratches. It also features sufficient fan vents to ensure adequate ventilation. Opposite this area, you will find a multi-storage game organizer, with enough space for two memory cards, eight games or movies and a nice pouch for manuals. The rear zippered compartment provides easy access to power cords and A/V cables while offering additional ventilation. We tried playing the PS2 directly out of the bag and found it quite simple to do. Unfortunately, since the front of the bag will be down while playing out of the bag, it can get in the way depending on your set-up. Regardless, it is a minor nuisance.

What really impressed me about the GamePak was all of the extra pockets found on the front of the bag. With two extra large pockets, there is enough room for extra game pads, remote control, magazines and even socks! In addition to the two pockets, there is front mesh pocket that offers quick easy access to smaller items such as keys or a wallet. Rounding out the design is the attention to detail in the sturdiness department. The shoulder straps have more than enough padding to make your carrying quite comfortable. If you do not feel like carrying it around your back, you have the option of carrying it like a normal bag thanks to heavy-duty rubberized handles. All of the zippers feature bungee pull-tabs, which offer easy access. The bottom corners of the bag are protected with heavy-duty rubber to reduce wear and tear on the bag. Finally, side buckles are used to keep the main compartment secure during your journeys.

All of these features and quality usually come with an inflated price. Fortunately, the GamePak is a steal at $34.99. The GamePak is indeed a solid product, whether you are taking your PS2 over to a friends house or travelling around the globe you can be rest assured that your beloved console is protected. It is the most versatile transportation solution currently on the market. To find out where you can purchase the GamePak head on over to

Overall Score: 9
Functionality: 9
Durabillity: 8
Value: 10

By Mike Weatherup.

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