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PS2 Monster Cable Review

Audio and Video enthusiasts have always known that components are only as good as the cables they have been connected with and for years now Monster Cable has been the one company at the forefront of cable design. Up until now professional level cables were only available for stereo and video equipment. Consoles had to be connected using wires directly out of the box or horrendously cheap connectors manufactured by third party companies. Thankfully all that is about to change as Monster introduces it's line of Playstation 2 products proving once and for all that console gaming has become mainstream.

The PS2 monster cable is created using a three in one design that incorporates Monster's 24K gold plated S-video connector and 8 cut turbine RCA jacks. The cable also boasts an impressive array of Monster's patented construction techniques that have very scientific sounding names such as Advanced Double Helix construction (Better quality sound reproduction) and Nitrogen Gas-Injected Dielectric Insulator (Cleaner picture quality).

We tested Monster's cable against both Sony's own cable and the one I purchased from Performance. While Sony's cable did have a few merits in terms of design and construction neither it nor Performance's cable could hold a candle to the sheer quality of the Monster cable. Using the Monster cable significantly reduced the signs of dot crawl on the three major brands of TVs we tested it on. Color reproduction was also slightly enhanced and more detail came through. Sound was also improved, with less electrical hiss and noise and cleaner highs and lows. The cable also comes in a snazzy blue color to match those ridiculously expensive horizontal and vertical stands most of us got suckered into purchasing.

So is the cable worth it's somewhat hefty price tag...simply stated, hell yes. The improvements to picture and sound provided by this cable are so apparent you'll wonder how you ever got by with those dreadful standard cables. Monster is planning to release a whole series of products for PS2 such as the Powerstation 600, Gamelink 200 AV cables and the Lightwave 100 Fibre Optic cable.

Finding the PS2 Monster Cables has proved quite difficult for many in search of them. We highly recommend Wirecloset.Com at Wirecloset.Com carries the full line of PS2 Monster Cables and have a large quantity on hand. For more information click here.

By Mark Sciberras.

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