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Naki Marvel Spider-Pad Review

The peripheral market has increased ten-fold over the last five years due to the great success of the console business within the realms of the interactive entertainment industry. The initial batch of peripherals were cheaper alternatives to the more expensive console manufacture's lineup. Unfortunately this usually meant the quality and functionality of the product was poor. As the years have passed by with each new console, peripheral manufactures have began to revamp their lines in order to produce better products while still delivering a more affordable option to the consumer. Naki International is one of the biggest peripheral companies in the industry. Entering the market back in 1989, Naki has made a number of notable videogame accessories over the years including the Eliminator, which was a one step cleaning system and the first of its kind. Today Naki is striving to deliver innovative, fun, bold and unique products for all gamers. This vision is realized in their latest product, the limited edition Marvel Spider-Pad for the Sony Playstation Brand.

The most impressive feature of the Spider-Pad is obvious, it's aesthetics. Spidy mania is rampant after the success of the movie last summer. The Spider-Pad features fiberglass handles with the original Marvel Spiderweb artwork printed inside. The layout of the controller resembles the original Sony layout with a nifty customized Spider-X Button. For those of you out there with bigger hands, you will be happy to learn that the Spider-Pad is quite spacious in its design. The Dual Shock 2 tends to cater those with small hands, maybe that is because it was designed with the Japanese demographic in mind. Naki has designed the Spider-Pad more for the international community. The button layout is comfortable and functional. All of the buttons are pressure sensitive when used with Playstation 2 games. The addition of a slow motion button and turbo button give the controller advanced features that can come in handy with a variety of titles. The Spider-Pad is a sturdy controller that can take the most avid gamer's abuse. We put the pad through quite a workout while playing Run Like Hell, which utilizes all of the buttons. While my hands felt cramped on the Dual Shock 2, and my hands are small, the Spider-Pad was very comfortable through the long sessions with the game. A nice bonus from a consumer's point of view is the complete compatibility with the PS2, PS and PSOne.

The Marvel Spider-Pad is a competent peripheral in a very crowded marketplace. The Spider-Pad's functionality alone warrants a purchase but if you are a Spiderman fan the this is a must with the beautiful artwork design.

Functionality: 8
Design: 8
Comfort: 8
Quality: 8
Overall Score: X

By Mike Weatherup.

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