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Nostromo p45 Controller

Belkin Components is widely regarded as the industry leader in cable components for the PC. In recent months, Belkin has taken their products to include the ever expanding interactive entertainment market. Their line of gamepads started off with the Nostromo series aimed at the PC. Now Belkin has entered the console market with their first gamepad, the Nostromo p45 GamePad for the Playstation 2.

The Nostromo p45 is loaded with features. Included are dual shock 2 compatible vibration feedback; 12 analog, pressure sensitive buttons; Macro button for enhanced programmability; Mode button with analog, digital and steering modes; Innovative and large trigger firing buttons; 8 way precision digital pad; Precision engineered angles and curves designed for ergonomic comfort and extended game play.

The first thing you will notice upon picking up the p45 is how well it fits into your hands. A common complaint among many gamers is the small size of most gamepads. Fortunately, the p45 addresses this issue and you have more than enough space for your hands to breathe. Part of this is thanks to the larger triggers found on the front of the controller. Distinguishing between the 4 triggers is now hassle free. Another innovative feature of the p45 is the silver action stabilizer. This arch found on the end of each handle allows you to steady the controller for extended play. We found this very useful when playing driving games such as GT3. Speaking of driving games, the driving mode option which is activated by the Mode button, is a very nice feature indeed. It allows you to have precise control and response that is usually lost in gamepads and found on expensive steering wheel kits. The p45 has been strongly built and can withstand quite a bit of shock with no harmful side-effects. This gamepad will last you a very long time.

My only complaint about the p45 is how stiff the buttons can be. This becomes less an issue as the buttons are worked in but that working in takes some time and may annoy some anxious gamers.

The Nostromo p45 is a comfortable and versatile gamepad that comes at a very affordable price. If you are on the market for a gamepad that offers more than just copycat design, the p45 is a solid purchase. You can find the p45 in Best Buy stores in the United States and Future Shop stores in Canada. For other regions, check Belkin's Website

Functionality: 8
Value: 9
Features: 9
Overall Score: 8

By Mike Weatherup.

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