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Drakan "The Ancient Gates"
PS2 Staff Review by Michael Brady

Well PS2 fans, its time to pull out your lazy boy chair and get ready to play one of the biggest adventure games that we have been waiting for, Sonys Drakan. Thats right gamers, it is finally here and we once again get to reap the benefits of having this system that so many covet us for. Drakan is an adventure game that incorporates different types of game play that will keep fans happy for hours on end. In Drakan you play as Rynn, a fearless female warrior, and her fire-breathing dragon Arokh. Your quest is to save a civilization that has crumbled and defend against an evil that has enslaved that last remains of humanity. On your quest Rynn and Arokh must awaken the great dragons of the lost empire to save the world from the evil that compromises it.

Fans may recognize this game for its popularity on the PC, well now it is on the PS2 and it is great to have it here. Graphically this game looks like a PC game, the power of the PS2 shops fans like us that our system is quite capable of bringing PC games to the system with no problems. The environments in this game (and I must warn you) are huge! In Drakan you play as Rynn where on can engage in ground combat where you may choose melee weaponry, magical spells, bows, or you may use all three at once. You may also buy and sell equipment and weapons that you may want or no longer have use of. There are eight worlds that you must play through and they look awesome! The developers have put a lot of work into making each environment different and giving it its own character. The cinema screens are very nice, there is not much change between watching a story sequence and actual game play. In past PC titles that have been converted to gaming systems often have the slowdown problem, and I am glad to say that I could not find it here. So not only is there a lot to look at visually, but the action will have fans overwhelmed. Depending on the situation, when the player has to use the dragon for battle, be prepared to catch your lip off the floor. The air combat sequences are hella cool. I dont know whats better, being on the ground bashing in some skulls, or riding on my dragon and burning up enemies in the air. The controls in this game are easy to learn, you would not find it hard to pick up this game and kick some ass! I had to discuss the game play and the graphics at once because the two work so well hand to hand. I mean the control of the dragon and the way he moves in the air look impressive.

The sound in this game is done well too. The voice acting will remind people of the movie where that talking dragon (Sean Connery) kicked a lot of ass, I am sorry fans I cant remember the movie, but there should be a movie called Drakan. The voice acting is great; its good to see that Sony has taken care in this department, because honestly some game developers forget about it and it is an integral part of games today, especially one of this caliber.

So is this worth the loot or should I look for a used copy or get it on a trade in, to be honest, you would not go wrong with spending your hard earned money on this title. It is an action adventure that has RPG elements to it. This game will have fans playing for hours. It is good to have a game like this in our libraries, it is defiantly a must have for PS2 owners. It has been a while since a good RPG-esque game has graced the PS2 and this game is a welcome addition to the PS2 library. So fans you got the green light here, its time to get this title and play what you have been reading about.

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