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Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius
PS2 Staff Review by Michael Brady

The holiday season is soon upon us and there are many games that will be released for the Christmas rush. There are many titles that are suited for children that will be available for the PS2 system. One title that children will be looking out for is the ever-popular Jimmy Neutron. Thats right kids, Jimmy Neutron has come to the Playstation 2 console just in time for the holiday season. If you loved the movie or enjoyed the cartoon, the game is now finally here, thanks to the developers at THQ. Kids that are fans of Jimmy Neutron will definitely love what the developers have done to bring them into the world of Retroville. In this title you take control of Jimmy boy genius whose inventions either raise havoc or save the day. He embarks on an action packed adventure accompanied by his robot dog Goddard. You must also recruit the other kids of Retroville in an attempt to rescue the parents from hostile aliens and save the day. You will need to use your inventions to stop the evil Yokians.

It is great to see the popularity of computer animated movies and cartoons take the next step into the gaming realm. It was expected to see that Jimmy Neutron would grace the PS2 system with his new adventures. With the huge advancements that have been made in computer animation it brings these great adventures that much closer to our home computer gaming consoles. Now the graphics in this title are not exactly like the television series or movie, but they do come very close to them. With the power that the PS2 hardware has, it is the closest thing to actually playing the cartoon. This game offers a platform style of game play and there are plenty of different environments that you must travel through in order to complete the levels. The graphics are fairly matched with the cartoon as the character models do resemble their media counterparts. The characters and the environments are created using polygons to bring the city of Retroville to life. There was only one area of improvement that is needed, the camera movement in this game needs attention. At times when I was playing this game I found it awkward to see where I was jumping and where other enemies were. Because of this I lost many lives, and it came to the point where I was becoming frustrated! However I have seen worse. Other than that, this is game look very good and young fans will enjoy this title on the visual presentation alone.

The game play in this game is user friendly for younger children. They will be able to pick this game up in an instant and begin to control the most popular boy genius of all time. The controls are very straight forward, the D pad or left analog stick controls the movement, X button is used to jump or shoot (while playing an arcade game), square button is to kick, use special weapons or activate Goddard vehicles, triangle is used to drop items or to jump off Goddards vehicles, and circle is used to talk to characters. Not only is this an adventure game, but there are plenty of mini games that can be played by Jimmy, this adds to its depth. I found it interesting that the developers at THQ have made the functions in this title very easy to learn, but quite complex in terms of game play for younger children. Its great to see that childrens games are no longer a one-button masher, this game has a great story line and great game play for the younger audience. Great job THQ!

The sound in this title is decent, the voice acting is great as all the voices from the animated movie and cartoon are present. I am sure fans will be thankful for that. The music in this game is awesome as well, it really sets the mood for the great adventure that Jimmy Neutron embarks upon. Other developers should take a look at the quality that THQ has put into the sound in this game, they may learn a few things. Good job with setting the ambience THQ.

The overall value of this game is fairly high, with the popularity of Jimmy Neutron, this game is definitely a welcome addition to the PS2 library. For the holiday season, if there is that special young child that you need to get a stocking stuffer for, then this is the game for them. I was quite impressed with the quality in this title, it not only is a good game but it allows children to enhance their gaming skills with all the user-friendly controls. Great job THQ, we welcome the sequel.

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