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Terminator: Dawn of Fate
PS2 Staff Review by Michael Brady

Just when you thought it was safe to turn on you PS2 system, you had better think again! Because the Terminator is, back but not in the theatres, but on the PS2 console for our enjoyment. This story takes place in Los Angeles, the year is 2027AD. You must take control of the Tech Com soldiers to take down the killing machines of Skynet. They continue to wage their brutal campaign to eradicate humanity. As one of the Tech Com soldiers, it is your mission to stop them! So, get ready to face the ultimate battle of the future to save human kind. You are able to take control of the popular characters such as Kyle Reese, John Connor and many others that will assist in the battle to defeat the machines of Skynet.

The Terminator has had a huge cult status through the movies that have come out in past years. Fans of this series are most likely excited to see that finally a game has come out where you are able to wage war against these killing machines of the future. The graphics in this title look stellar. The developers at Atari and Infogrames have done a great job of in the visual presentation of this game. The dark setting of the Terminator really complements the past series that have come out in the theatres. The characters in this game look great as well. They are detailed very well and the enemies look stunning. Doing battle with the killing machines is a sight that eye candy buffs will love to see, thanks to the power that the PS2 has to offer. You can see that the developers have taken time to make sure that all characters, good and evil, are accurate depictions of their series counterparts. Although they may not look exactly like their movie characters, they have been redesigned to give them the look that represents the period of 2027. The visual effects of items taking damage in the environments is great as well, there is a lot of action that takes place on screen and there is no slow down when the action occurs. On looks, alone this will be a title that PS2 owners will want to have in their collection.

With the great graphics that this game has to offer, we as gamers do not demand that alone. That is not all there is to a game, with great graphics there must be great gameplay to complement it. Trust me gamers it is all here! As you take control of the Tech Com soldiers, there are plenty of attacks that you have at your disposal to achieve victory in the name of the human race. The controls are user friendly and there is a training mode that is available at the beginning of the game to get you used to the weapons and skills that you will have available to you. The X button is used for hand to hand combat, square shoots the equipped weapon, Triangle is used to reload the weapon or use game objects, Circle is to dodge or roll, L1 is used for the adrenaline toggle, L2 is or weapon inventory, L3 is the first person view mode, R1 is used to aim in first person view mode, R2 is used to lock onto an enemy, and the left analog stick is used to move your character. There is also a large variety of weapons that you may use at you disposal in order to attack the machines. Moreover, you will need them, trust me! What I found interesting about this title is that there is also a fair amount of hand to hand combat techniques that can be used, so that weapons are not your only attack. The game play in this title will have action adventure fans wanting more, the developers have made sure that the gameplay is just as exciting as the title promises.

The sound in this title is awesome, to hear the destruction of the Terminators is music to my ears. The music is also great as well, they have done a great job here in this department as it does set the mood of the bleak future war that is taking place. So many times, we have seen developers lack in certain areas, it is as if they expect to sell these games on the name brand alone. Well that is not the case here! The developers have made sure to make the next Terminator experience a different one than you may have ever seen or heard, great job to the developers at Atari!

Well you may be asking yourself, should I take a chance and buy this title. Well as a fan of action adventure games myself, I would have to say that it is well worth the purchase. I like the fact that they have brought the Terminator series to the gaming audience and have made it a unique one. This title is worth having in your collection, you will not be disappointed. My only question is, if there is a third movie that comes out, will it live up to this game?!

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