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ESPN X Winter Games: Snowboarding
PS2 Reader Review by Y2KOOLADAM

This ESPN Winter X-Games I believe is very under rated. I have played SSX at my friends house when I didn't get PS2. Once I got it they game me ESPN Winter X-Games for free. I played it right away. I thought SSX was great cause I had never played PS2 before but ESPN W. X-Games is I think better. Well, the only thing that is better in SSX is the racing. I still think ESPN W. X-Games has better graphics and is definitely more realistic. This is a must get game for any Winter X-Games fan. They have most of your favorite Snowboarding superstars male and female. Always try to get it online first cause it will always be cheaper.

Game Play is okay. It's very confusing in the beginning but once you get used to the controls it's great. One of the toughest things is landing a really great jump. This game has everything from an Indy to a 1020. The farthest I have ever turned was a 900 and I just landed it. Also you can visit all the Winter X-Games Snowboarding events, such as the Big Air, to half pipe, and much much more. You can also just do free ride which I highly suggest when you first get the game. It will help you get used to the game. The crowds in game play are very realistic from there faces to how they move. The graphics are great!!

Graphics are definitely the best part of the game. When you are going to select a snowboarder, you should definitely check out how he/she looks. The faces looks really realistic. The only bad part about the faces are that the teeth look like half of them are all out. Also the snowboards look great. It actually looks exactly like the snowboard they have. Also each course looks great. When it is at the night time and snowing/raining, the setting changes a lot. When you are skateboarding you can always see a little hat going back and forth when your are moving. Also the snowboarder always has to have his goggles on but in this game they are right on his forehead. Also they use their hands for balance and crouch down on their knees to get faster. The graphics make this game look so much more realistic.

The sound is great but not the best. You can hear the background music (which is sometimes good and sometimes bad) very clearly. Sometimes you can also hear when a snowboarder lands a jump say YESS or when he totally whipes out he grunts. Sometimes even when they're in the air they will make some noises. The crowed sound is good too. You can never hear them say anything particular but you can always hear them say their ooooo's and aaaaa's. You will always no when you finish a game because of the crowed.

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