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PS2 Reader Review by - Darren "TtTackler" Hartman

"Resident Evil killer? Suuure..."
In Extermination you play as Dennis Riley (original name, eh?), a member of a special units RECON force sent by the military to investigate mysterious happenings at Fort Stewart, Antarctica. On your way there, the plane you're taking crashes. Everyone miraculously survives but you and your friend Roger are separated from the rest if the team. Dennis makes his way into a building with his friend, Roger. When you get in you find that there's no one there and giant virus-carrying monsters are overrunning the place. It's now up to you to save the world by getting rid of the virus, and on top of that, you have to find and "save" a girl name Cindy Chen, Dennis's late friend's, Andrew, girlfriend.

"My name is Dennis, my lips do not match whatever the hell I'm saying." Let's start with the graphics. To put it straight and simple, this game looks as though it was made on the DC. Backgrounds look decent, but offers nothing jaw dropping at all. Textures are used over and over again, which in other words, the textures are repetitive. Puddles of water and the ripple effects in the water are bland and nothing special. Character models look pretty good, but movements and animations are stiff as boards. The CGs in the game left me wanting more, and were very low quality for a PS2 game, making the CGs in the original Dino Crisis (which were very detailed I might add) look like the best thing since sliced bread! What are really important in a Horror/Survival game are mangled corpses that look great and make you go screaming for your mommy. And well, quite frankly, these are some of the worst looking corpses I have ever seen in a video game! They are comprised of a few hundred pixels at most and makes me wonder why this game is rated 'M'! Well, overall, the graphics are decent, but nothing spectacular. Audio-wise, the game is a mixed bag. Sound effects are basic and sound not that much better than Resident Evil. Just like the graphics, the sound effects like footsteps, or gunshots are pretty basic and are nothing to brag about. Onto the background music, it's well, not scary at all. The music is mostly upbeat tempos that try to sound gothic or freak you out. It did freak me out about how bad it was though! It's definitely nowhere near the quality of Resident Evil or Silent Hill that put you into the mood where you have no idea what's going to happen next and your heartbeat raises over 150. Now the worst part of the audio, the voice acting *shudders*. Surprisingly enough, the voice acting is worst than the first Resident Evil title! Why? There is no emotion at all, and when the actors try to be passionate, they overact it and ruin the moment. What puts the icing on the cake is the lip-sync *shudders again*. When two characters are having a conversation one character's lips will be moving but no sound, then five seconds later you'll finally hear their voice the other character's lips have already started moving! It's really irritating if you ask me and pretty much sucks all the emotion away! I would've expected something much better from Sony, or actually members from the Resident Evil team for that matter, wait a minute, nevermind...
If there's one thing people don't like about controls in a game, is that they are very sensitive. And that's how Extermination's controls are in a nutshell. If you're trying to line yourself up to press a button on a wall you'll find yourself moving farther off to the side than you want. And if you are trying to walk slowly on a ledge you suddenly start running and fall off. Aiming your gun can be kind of tedious at times too, sometimes you'll automatically lock-on to an enemy but you have to be directly lined up to it or you have to do it on your own and it's really hard to aim. It would have been better if you always automatically locked-on to an enemy instead of having to carefully aim while it attacks you. Well, if there's one thing good about the controls in this game is that bad camera angles are non-existent!
Although Extermination is basically like all other Survival/Horror titles, the game does offer something new. Instead of just having a health bar, you can also be infected with the virus all the monsters carry and once you become 100% infected, you better hurry your sorry little ass to a medical area to cure yourself! But since gameplay is pretty basic and nothing exciting with puzzles that offer no challenge whatsoever, and the fact that the game is short and pretty much linear, oh, and let's not forget that the game deserves an 'E' rating than a 'M' for Mature... I'm quite surprised that the game was put under the Survival/Horror genre and not under the Action genre since it will have you going,"But the box said the game was supposed to be scary! Scare me, dammit!" The game isn't really worth your buck but rather for a weekend rental, save up your money for some of the AAA titles for the PS2 this Fall!

Graphics: 7.0/10
Since the graphics are DC quality, textures that are very repetitive, and a few mangled corpses that were comprised of a only a few hundred pixels and looked worst than that of Silent Hill, I kept asking myself,"Am I really playing a PS2 game?"

Sound: 6.5/10
With lame background music nowhere near the quality of RE or SH that really got your heart beating, and so-so sound effects really detracted from the game very much. But the voice acting and lip-sync really made me want to puke!

Controls: 7.5/10
Sensitive and tedious controls are a gamer's worse nightmares... In some cases... But the controls gained a higher score since there are no camera angle problems whatsoever even though the game is in third person view!

Fun Factor: 7.0/10
Snore, yawn, cough... Yep, that's how the gameplay is in the game. And the fact that it will NEVER make your heart skip a beat or make you run screaming for your mommy bogs down the fact that this is even Survival/Horror game! Oh yes, I forgot to mention that the story line is pretty much ho~hum and nothing special also. I say get it for a weekend rental and save your big bucks for a game that will really make you wet your pants, like Silent Hill 2! Or you can always go back and play Twisted Metal: Black. This game is really just, average.

Replay value: 5.5/10
Like most other Survival/Horror games, Extermination has a few extra features that become availiable after you beat the game. But it baffles me why they put in extra modes since I don't think anybody would want to play this game through again!

Overall Score: 7.5/10

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